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Finding The Best Solicitation of Prostitution Defense Attorneys

Solicitation of Prostitution Defense Attorneys

The state of Nevada has long been associated with legalized prostitution in specific locations with less than 700,000 residents. There are specific rules and regulations in place regarding health issues that must be followed by all licensed brothels throughout the state. While Las Vegas is not included in these counties where legal prostitution is allowed, the practice still goes on for a variety of reasons that are mostly attributed to the tourism industry. And when individuals get cited for any type of prostitution-related charge, it always takes experienced Las Vegas solicitation of prostitution defense attorneys to defend the charges.

Legal Escorting and Potential Solicitation

While solicitation to prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, escort services are not. And there are multiple escort services in the city similar to other metropolis hubs around the nation. Sexual favors cannot be legally involved, but the industry can easily serve as a front for potential opportunities during informal discussion while on dates. This is very common with escorting, as the escorts are effectively paid dates for the client. The legal question becomes when and if the client becomes a customer with criminal intent to cross the line. This legal lack of interaction can often provide a solid argument for solicitation of prostitution defense attorneys when certain individuals associated with an escort service are cited criminally.

Crafting a Defense to Solicitation Charges

Just as in any other criminal matter, Las Vegas solicitation to prostitution defense attorneys understand that the details of how a charge was brought by the state can matter significantly. The intent is always a component of a criminal conviction, and many times intent can be misconstrued in a prostitution case. There are also rules that apply when officers are gathering information in an investigation or conducting a sting operation, which is not unusual with a prostitution charge. Pandering may not constitute criminal intent whereas offering sexual favors could, even though no actual sexual interaction occurs. This could apply to an offering agent, also often including a pimp, as well as to any particular informal sex worker who is associated with the offering agent. Isolated incidents of possible prostitution can be dismissed when an attorney can establish significant reasonable doubt, which is still the standard for conviction in the state of Nevada due to criminal classification.

Potential Punishment

The potential of a jail term requires solicitation of prostitution defense attorneys to represent all defendants. Charges are prosecuted as misdemeanors, but the conviction record can carry a significant social stigma. It is not a simple legal matter, and a conviction can result in up to six months in jail for a first offender and one year for multiple offenses. In addition, fines are capped at $1000. Convicted individuals are not required to serve in a state facility, and many times an experienced lawyer can negotiate a probation penalty as opposed to a jail term. The question often becomes how much better can the defendant fare with a paid private attorney as opposed to a public defender, which typically depends on the material facts of the case and the purported amount of activity being presented by the prosecutor.

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Being charged with any type of prostitution violation in Nevada is a serious legal issue, and the lawyer you choose to represent the case is vital for a successful outcome. Never take the charge for granted. Always contact the solicitation of prostitution defense attorneys at Hendron Law Group for comprehensive aggressive legal representation and let Lance Hendron put his professional experience to work for you.

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