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When You’ll Need Marijuana Possession Defense Attorneys

Marijuana Possession Defense Attorneys

Even though Nevada legalized the possession and recreational use of marijuana in 2016, Marijuana Possession Defense Attorneys within the state like Lance Hendron understand these criminal charges are still very serious legal matters. And it is vital to have experienced and aggressive legal representation when facing possession charges. Conviction on a felony charge for trafficking in marijuana can easily result in considerable jail time and a huge fine for all defendants. But, the details of a marijuana arrest are also very important when the case goes to court unless a settlement can be worked out in a plea bargain with prosecutors beforehand. This result is very common in most cannabis matters.

Simple Possession

Nevada residents are currently allowed to possess up to one ounce of cannabis unless in concentrated forms, which is 28 grams. But being obviously under the influence of the drug in public is charged similarly to public drunkenness. Those who are approved for medical marijuana can possess 2.5 ounces within a 14-day period as well to help with their medical condition. This sets a distinct barrier between recreational and medical use when simple possession charges are filed. All simple possession charges are prosecuted as misdemeanors are carry up to a $600 fine.

Felony Possession

Felony possession of marijuana is a completely different issue when criminal charges are applied because they can be easily enhanced to trafficking. Trafficking in marijuana can still be filed under certain circumstances even when smaller amounts beyond the one-ounce legal limit are involved. Possession for the purpose of selling is often based on how the substance is packaged regardless of the amount because all sales outlets within the state must be authorized. This means that case details are very important for justifying this charge, and your marijuana possession defense attorneys at Hendron Law Group can evaluate all material case evidence for admissibility and appropriate charge level. The penalties for felony possession are much harsher than simple possession when a conviction is reached, with convicted traffickers being mandated to serve at least a one-year prison sentence. Nevada is serious about controlling in-state sales of the substance.

Possession of Marijuana Plants

Charges for possession of marijuana plants, also known as cultivation, can also be questionable in Nevada. Each resident is allowed to grow up to six marijuana plants, and weight is not necessarily an issue in some cases. Cultivation charges for those who stay within the six plant limit can be applied when the total weight after harvest is beyond one or 2.5 ounces, depending on the defendant’s medical marijuana status. Those who have medical marijuana authorization can have a larger personal product amount, and the purpose for growing cannabis can also be justified in some instances based on the medical condition used as a basis for legal allowance. Marijuana possession defense attorneys like Lance Hendron can often negotiate a case settlement for a reduced charge or even a dismissal when probable cause is limited and reasonable doubt is significant if the case would go to trial.

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Nevada residents should remember that a conviction for possession of marijuana can still create problems for convicted defendants in the long run. Always call the marijuana possession defense attorneys at Hendron Law Group and let Lance Hendron apply his expertise and experience to your advantage in this particular area of legal practice.

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