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When You Need Immigration Bond Proceedings Attorneys

Immigration Bond Proceedings Attorneys
It can be a very scary situation when the U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement detains anyone pending bond proceedings. It doesn’t matter whether it is you or your loved one, the first thing you should do is to get in touch with Immigration Bond Proceedings Attorneys.

The Department of Homeland Security has a right to arrest and detain any immigrant who may have violated immigration laws, those who have entered the country illegally, or those whose visas have expired before or during the proceedings.

Since the bond proceeding can go on for several months or even years, it is good to involve the services of immigration bond proceedings attorneys in Las Vegas. This should happen as soon as you or your loved one is detained by the ICE. It will help the law enforcement agencies to decide whether you are eligible for a bond or not.

What Is An Immigration Bond?

An immigration bond is a legally binding commitment to appear for court dates in exchange for being released from detention and being allowed to live in the United States during the period of working with the courts regarding immigration. The bond provides some sort of security in the form of money or property that the person is supposed to pay to the Department of Homeland Security to secure their release from the detention center. If the defendant fails to appear for any of their court dates or gets into further trouble with the law, they will forfeit the money or property they have pledged. If the crime committed is serious, it is highly unlikely that an immigration bond will be granted.

Immigration Bond Eligibility

In case you are an immigrant and happen to be detained by the ICE, you have a right to apply for an immigration bond. The bond is supposed to allow you to follow up on the immigration case without necessarily being detained at the ICE detention center.

The Las Vegas immigration court will decide whether you are eligible or not during the bond hearing. Each case is unique, that’s the reason why you need highly-experienced immigration bond attorneys to handle your case.

Factors That Determine Your Bond Eligibility

During the bond hearing, the judge or judges at the immigration court will consider several factors before making their decision. Here are some of the major factors that are considered:

  • Employment status
  • Property ownership
  • Ties to the community and your family
  • Current status of your immigration
  • Deportation history
  • Criminal record, if any

Immigration Bond Process

The process always begins after a person has been detained. Normally, the detainee can apply for the bond with the ICE office or directly with the ICE officer. This is the point where the services of immigration bond proceedings attorneys are needed most.

How Immigration Bond Proceedings Attorneys Help In Bond Hearing

Bond hearings generally depend on the case. After the case has been filed at the Las Vegas immigration court, the judge will look at various things to come up with an appropriate decision.

In most cases, your chances of winning the case will depend on the arguments presented by the immigration bond proceedings attorneys representing you.

Importance Of Hiring Experienced Immigration Bond Proceedings Attorneys

Whether it’s you or your loved one who is in custody, hiring a qualified and experienced immigration bond proceedings attorney such as Lance Hendron is very important. Contact our office to schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss your case.

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