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When You Need Casino Marker Defense Attorneys

States that allow legalized gambling have legal issues that other states do not, and thus have enacted specific laws when it comes to how casino markers are treated financially. The Nevada casino marker system works much like a line of casino credit with each gambler being required to pay up at the end of their stay, or at least within 30 days following the fact. A casino marker is effectively a check under Nevada law that is submitted to the debtor’s bank account after their stay is completed. However, problems do arise regarding paying for markers when the borrower has insufficient funds in their bank account, commonly resulting in eventual criminal felony fraud charges when arrangements cannot be made and met by the gambling party. This is also when it is vital to consult with experienced casino marker defense attorneys like Hendron Law Group for brokering a payment arrangement of some type in avoiding criminal charges.Casino marker attorney Las Vegas

Gambling in Vegas is Serious Business

Casinos are very serious about covering any outstanding gambling markers, and because of the status as a virtual check, criminal charges are filed regularly. Customers are generally assigned a specific number of markers based on their credit rating and other measurement tools used by casino managers, and customers are required to submit specific information before issuance. Making false statements can result in obtaining money by false pretenses, which constitutes felony fraud in Las Vegas under the casino marker law. Not only is deceptive means of enhancing credit amounts illegal, but making false statements is treated as the same violation as forgery or passing a bad check with the same level of punishment. Casino marker defense attorneys are invaluable when these cases are being negotiated, and it is essential to have solid experienced legal representation.

Potential Casino Marker Penalties

All casino marker cases are not necessarily prosecuted as felonies. Unpaid markers under $650 are filed as misdemeanors, but a conviction can still result in up to six months incarceration and a $10,000 fine. However, $650 is a small amount by Las Vegas standards. Convictions for casino marker violations beyond the $650 threshold can carry up to four years in a state prison facility if probation is not ordered, and fines can be as high as $5000. And restitution is also required in every case beyond the state imposed punishment. Most marker fraud charges involve amounts well over the threshold for felony activity, and a conviction can have a significant life-altering impact for the defendant after the punishment is rendered.

Future Impact

One very negative result of a conviction regarding casino credit violations is that it generates a criminal record that can be publicly viewed for at least five years. While expungement (record sealing) could be possible in the aftermath, it takes a five-year waiting period to even apply, and expungement will require even more assistance from casino marker defense attorneys in sealing the record as soon as possible to reduce ongoing credit rating damage that assuredly will happen after the conviction.

Contact Hendron Law Group Las Vegas Casino Marker Defense Attorneys

Because of the potential for incarceration, everyone who is charged with fraud stemming from a casino credit issue will be required to retain legal counsel unless they can qualify for public defense. This public advocate assignment is rare in a casino fraud case. It is always best to retain the casino marker defense attorneys from Hendron Law Group when facing any casino issue. It can be an investment in your future as well as your freedom and personal history.

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