Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorney

Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorney

When You May Need a Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorney

When criminal charges are brought against you, it is important that you find a Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas to represent you. Lance Hendron of Hendron Law Group in Las Vegas has years of experience in defending against felony and misdemeanor charges in Las Vegas Nevada. This can include DUI, Theft And Burglary, Drug Possession, Petty Larceny, Casino Marker, Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, and other Violent Crimes. In Las Vegas, NV, Super Lawyers has named Lance Hendron as a Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorney.
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If you are charged with a crime in Las Vegas, you want to determine what are your best legal options. There are several ways that you can go about finding a good lawyer to defend you. Here are some tips from our Las Vegas lawyers that can help you find the very best lawyer in town.


Look for a lawyer who is ranked highly among his peers by law review organizations and legal directories. When you look for a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, look for an attorney that has been featured on these lists. The reason why you want a defense attorney who has been featured on these lists is so that you can be sure they have excellent credentials when it comes to defending their clients in a court of law.


You may also want to work with a Las Vegas defense attorney who has actually practiced in the city. Working with an attorney who has actually practiced in Las Vegas will give you an idea as to how the attorney deals with cases in this particular area of the law. You want a defense attorney who knows what he is doing and is familiar with the Las Vegas Criminal Defense Law. A good Las Vegas criminal defense attorney should be familiar with the laws relating to the crimes, including those involving violence, sexual crimes, and white-collar crimes.


You should also work with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney who is willing to take on a case like yours. When you are facing charges, you should always have some type of understanding as to what your options are. If you feel that you are being charged with a crime that would allow you to use an option to not go to trial, then you should definitely discuss this with your defense attorney. It never hurts to have a contingency plan in place if you feel that you may need it.


It is important that you find out if your potential lawyer has passed the bar for his state. The State Bar of Nevada will help you to check this out. They will be able to tell you whether or not your prospective attorney would be right for your needs.

Working With a Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have any questions about working with a criminal defense attorney, then you should discuss these with your chosen Criminal Defense Attorney. If you are ready to start your defense with a Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorney, then you should contact our office right away. Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Lance Hendron has a long track record of obtaining case dismissals and verdicts of “Not Guilty”. We may be able to help you avoid jail time, and possibly get the charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Being arrested on a criminal charge can be a terrifying experience. Most people are not familiar with the legal and judicial system from the criminal point of view. Most do not know the best strategies to take or understand the workings of the legal system that is complicated and unforgiving of mistakes and errors in their defense. Facing criminal charges is much easier with qualified Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys on your side. Having a lawyer who knows the laws and methods of defense is a must for a successful outcome.

Our Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys will use their extended experience and their legal skills to present your best defense. Since no two cases are alike, the defense needs a carefully and properly crafted defense applied to your case for the best results. Without having a Criminal Defense Attorney at your side, a person could get lost in trying to navigate the criminal justice system, especially under such trying circumstances. It can be a real risk for your freedom to go it alone.

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your case is important. They have been through this process many times with other defendants. Because of this, they know the procedures to take, the judges who will hear your case, the other courtroom personnel, and how to best select a jury to be more responsive to your case in a favorable manner.

What Our Attorneys Can Do For You:

Without an attorney on your case, there are many problems that can arise. Our attorneys will make sure the following are done:

  • Strive to get the lowest penalties or have them dismissed.
  • If the best option is a plea deal, to get the best terms available.
  • Sheild you from aggressive prosecutors.
  • Examine and evaluate the evidence against you to determine what can be thrown out and not held against you.
  • Strive to keep your good name free of criminal charges.
  • Investigate all the details of your case and examine all the pertinent facts and the circumstances involved in your case.
  • Investigate whether or not there was any misconduct or errors on the part of the police.
  • Determine if you have been falsely accused of the crime.
  • Review the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you to determine if it can hold up at court.
  • Make sure that you understand all the available legal options you may have.
  • Guide you and support you through legal advice that is applicable to your case.

The prosecutors have many resources to gather evidence against you. Our Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys understand the tactics they use and know how to aggressively counter them. We have many options available to us to help convince the judge that your charges should be reduced or even dismissed.

Hiring Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you have been arrested on criminal charges, you will want to hire the best Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you. Our office is available to review your case at no charge. Just contact us to set up a time to review your case. We are here for you.

5 Most Common DUI Defenses

5 Most Common DUI Defenses

If you should be charged with DUI in Nevada, you will want to hire a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney who understands DUI defenses. Since the police can make mistakes in these cases, we ensure that you have an attorney on your side who can use the proper defense for your case. With our years of experience, we at the Hendron Law Group can ensure that your lawyer will work hard in your defense and help you emerge from the court a winner.

Charged With DUI? Here Are Five DUI Defenses That Are Most Common

1. No Contact with Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

  • Anyone arrested for a DUI, must be given an opportunity by police to contact an attorney following their arrest. Since this is illegal in Nevada, protect your rights by contacting a lawyer here at the Hendron Law Group.

2. Inaccurate Breathalyzer

  • Whether the machine malfunctions or the officer doesn’t possess proper training, breathalyzer results are extremely inaccurate. Since we know this is one of the most effective DUI defenses, working with us can be the difference between winning or losing your case.

3. Illegal Traffic Stop

  • Unless an officer has reasonable basis to stop your vehicle, they are not allowed to do so in Nevada. Rather than let an illegal stop lead to DUI charges being levied against you, let us at the Hendron Law Group prove your vehicle should never have been stopped.

4. Poor Field Sobriety Tests

  • Since many sober individuals have difficulty with field sobriety tests, these have been shown to be less than accurate in DUI situations. We realize this, which is why we at the Hendron Law Group will never let these tests alone lead to a DUI conviction.

5. No Evidence You Were Driving

  • Just because you were in a vehicle doesn’t allow police to charge you with DUI. To do so, the police must see the following:
    • You were actually driving the vehicle
    • You were in physical control of the vehicle (engine on, key in ignition)

Even in these circumstances, don’t let yourself be taken advantage of.

Learn More About Dui Defenses

If you have been unjustly charged with DUI, consult with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney here at the Hendron Law Group who specializes in DUI defenses. Contact a lawyer here at the Hendron Law Group to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.

Violent Crimes Attorney – Factors to Consider

Violent Crimes Attorney – Factors to Consider

You may be looking for a Violent Crimes Attorney if you or a loved one have recently been arrested for a violent crime. You should know that criminal charges in Nevada that are classified as violent crimes have certain elements that other charges may not carry. A murder case or rape case could easily be considered a violent crime, but they can also range downward to domestic violence situations where evidence being used can be embellished in a variety of ways. Prosecutors are commonly eager to over-prosecute specific legal matters that have an emotional connotation, and testimony from witnesses may be overstated as well. Your Las Vegas criminal defense attorney at Hendron Law Group understands how overstatement works in serious criminal matters and they will always investigate all underlying factors.

Effective Defense to a Violent Crimes Case in NV

An attorney at Hendron Law Group will typically address certain factors when crafting a defense to the case against their clients. Defending violent crimes is a focus of their attorney practice, and they realize that every case is unique in some aspect. However, many clients deal with similar issues. Those potential defense elements can include:

  • False Accusations
  • False Testimony
  • Fabricated Evidence
  • False Identity
  • Police Misconduct

What a Violent Crimes Attorney Can Do in Defense

The first component of a criminal defense that a violent crimes attorney will employ is a thorough investigation of all evidence being used by the prosecution. A Nevada violent crimes attorney knows that every article must meet certain standards, and often there is minimal documentation to support the charge. Witness and officer testimony is usually central other than photographs of injuries or medical reports from attending professionals. This is very important in serious cases such as murder or rape, but domestic violence charges can also be pursued as violent crimes as well, even when evidence is borderline or inadmissible. Charges can be negotiated down when a lawyer can find holes in the prosecution’s evidence, even in a relatively strong prosecution.

Contact Lance Hendron Las Vegas Violent Crimes Attorney

The attorney that is chosen to defend a violent crime charge in Nevada can make a major difference, and that difference-maker lawyer in NV is at Hendron Law Group Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney. Call or contact the Hendron Law Group as soon as possible and let them put their experience to work for you.

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

At our law firm in Nevada, we provide representation for anyone who has been arrested on criminal charges. While many people believe that finding legitimate Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys would be a difficult and time-consuming process, there’s no reason it has to be. No matter what charges have been levied against you, our law firm will work hard to protect your rights and ensure that your case is handled fairly. Keep in mind that our lawyers provide representation, regardless of whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony. The same is true if you are the main target of an ongoing investigation. Before you request our legal representation, it’s important that you understand how our attorneys can help you.

Practice Areas We Represent

There are many practice areas that our Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys represent. These case types can include:

  • Homicide
  • Assault
  • Drug crimes
  • Various sex offenses
  • Federal crimes like wire fraud and kidnapping
  • Domestic violence
  • Perjury
  • Reckless endangerment
  • Arson
  • Larceny
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Casino fraud, which could include everything from unpaid markers to filling out bad checks

Each lawyer who is employed at our law practice has the expertise and knowledge needed to represent these criminal cases. With our Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys by your side, your case will be represented to the strongest of our abilities with the goal of reducing the charges or eliminating them altogether.

How Our Experienced Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help You

In the event that you’ve been arrested on criminal charges in Nevada, the first step you take should be to contact our Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys. In the months to come, you’ll want a lawyer by your side who understands the complexities of the law as well as your case. The strategies that our lawyers implement are centered around protecting your livelihood and your future. Keep in mind that the legal representation available at our law firm can assist you following an arrest, at trial, or within a criminal investigation.

Having a criminal record can affect a person’s ability to apply for an apartment, enter a school, or obtain a job, which is why our lawyers focus on building a strong defense that takes every potential attack into account. The lawyers who are employed at our practice understand every facet of the law, which is very important to ensure that your charges are reduced or dropped altogether. The charges associated with a misdemeanor are typically much less severe than the ones applied to a felony. To obtain a result that’s favorable to you, make sure that you partner with a lawyer like ours who has extensive experience in all areas of criminal defense.

If you have recently been arrested and charged with a crime or have found that you’re under a criminal investigation, do not wait to seek legal representation! Every action you take in the coming months may be important towards making sure that your legal rights are protected. To learn more about how our Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys can help you, contact us online or call us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

The Need For a Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

The use of recreational marijuana is legal in Las Vegas although restricted to adults of 21 years and above. Besides, there’s also what’s known as medical marijuana – where a small amount of the substance is permitted for pain relief and the treatment of certain diseases. However, anyone can still face criminal charges if they are found using marijuana in public or selling large amounts. If you are arrested on such a charge, you will need the services of a Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney like Lance Hendron to defend yourself.

What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana has several other names including hemp, pot, joint, blunt among others. It is classified as an illegal substance in most parts of the United States, but legal under some circumstances in Las Vegas, Nevada. Marijuana legally consists of all the parts of the cannabis plant regardless of whether it is a seed or a grown plant.

Most people get arrested due to a lack of proper understanding of marijuana laws. For instance, some people are not aware of the exact amount that is legal, referred to as small qualities by the law.

If you find yourself facing drug charges or possession of marijuana charges, you should immediately seek help from a marijuana possession defense attorney.

There are different reasons one can be charged under the marijuana possession laws. They include the following:

  • Cultivation of marijuana without a state license
  • Possession for the purpose of selling
  • Felony possession
  • Simple possession
  • Trafficking in marijuana or cannabis

Possession of marijuana is defined in three ways:

  • Actual possession: This is when a person is found in possession of the drug or in his clothes
  • Constructive possession: This is where marijuana is found either in your purse, luggage, nightstand, or any place under your control
  • Joint possession: This involved sharing space with a person who keeps or cultivates marijuana

Similar to growing marijuana, there are two things that are used in determining penalties for simple possession. They include the amount of marijuana a person is found with and whether they have past simple possession convictions.

Sale And Distribution Of Marijuana

There is a clear distinction in Nevada marijuana laws when it comes to possession of small amounts of cannabis and possession of large amounts for the purpose of sale. In most cases, a few licensed dispensaries are the only ones allowed to sell medical marijuana.

Illegal sale of cannabis or marijuana exceeding one ounce up to 100 pounds is considered to be a felony. The criminal charges for such amount to 4 years in prison together with a fine of $5,000 if it’s a first-time offender.

On the other hand, those found selling more than one ounce of marijuana also face criminal charges that attract a long term prison sentence and a fine that can go up to $20,000. This will however depend on the marijuana possession defense attorney representing you.

Sale Of Marijuana To Minors

Anyone found selling marijuana to minors is liable for a felony offense. They are likely to face the following charges:

• Between one to 20 years in prison for those committing the offense for the first time
• Life imprisonment or 15-year jail term with possible parole after five years for subsequent offenders

Why a Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney Is Important

Although recreational and medical marijuana is legal in Las Vegas, many people still don’t understand the difference between what’s legal and that which is illegal. It takes the help of a marijuana possession defense Attorney to interpret these laws and defend victims caught unawares. Contact us today for an initial consultation.