Petit Larceny – How Long Does It Stay On Record?

Petit Larceny – How Long Does It Stay On Record?

One of the primary concerns for Nevada residents who are convicted of petit larceny is the amount of time the criminal record can be publicly viewed. The state does have a standardized expungement procedure (called record sealing), and those convicted of theft charges ranging from grand larceny to simple shoplifting can eventually have the record sealed. Regardless of the value of the property or whether the theft is grand larceny or petit larceny, there is a record removal process in NV. Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Lance Hendron has a professional understanding of Nevada law and can craft a defense to any charge that ensures the record can be sealed as soon as possible. Petit larceny defense is actually a primary practice area.

Expungement for Petty Larceny

Petty larceny convictions in Nevada are eligible for expungement after a period of two years after the date of release from actual custody or discharge from parole or probation, whichever occurs later, but they can remain in public view for considerably longer when defendants do not petition the court for sealing. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can prepare for sealing the record as soon as possible when the case is finalized and property restitution value is satisfied. Attorney Lance Hendron has actually represented many shoplifting cases that often include expunging the criminal record at the first available date.

Sealing the Record

Las Vegas lawyer Lance Hendron knows that shoplifting is the most common of petty larceny charges, and even though they are often deemed minor misdemeanors, they can still present problems for clients later in life. Any criminal history can leave the accused having to explain a situation that they would just as soon leave in the past, and the right lawyer can prepare a record sealing on the first day it becomes eligible. Expunging the criminal history can actually put a closure date on the legal matter, and a truly comprehensive attorney will include this step as part of their representation.

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Never accept the notion that a criminal conviction for shoplifting cannot be removed from the official state record. For petty larceny, two years is the standard when there are no extenuating factors, and lawyer Lance Hendron has focused much of his practice on petit larceny cases. Nevada residents should always call the Law Office of Lance Hendron for successful representation or record sealing as soon as possible.

Violent Crimes Attorney – Factors to Consider

Violent Crimes Attorney – Factors to Consider

You may be looking for a Violent Crimes Attorney if you or a loved one have recently been arrested for a violent crime. You should know that criminal charges in Nevada that are classified as violent crimes have certain elements that other charges may not carry. A murder case or rape case could easily be considered a violent crime, but they can also range downward to domestic violence situations where evidence being used can be embellished in a variety of ways. Prosecutors are commonly eager to over-prosecute specific legal matters that have an emotional connotation, and testimony from witnesses may be overstated as well. Your Las Vegas criminal defense attorney at Hendron Law Group understands how overstatement works in serious criminal matters and they will always investigate all underlying factors.

Effective Defense to a Violent Crimes Case in NV

An attorney at Hendron Law Group will typically address certain factors when crafting a defense to the case against their clients. Defending violent crimes is a focus of their attorney practice, and they realize that every case is unique in some aspect. However, many clients deal with similar issues. Those potential defense elements can include:

  • False Accusations
  • False Testimony
  • Fabricated Evidence
  • False Identity
  • Police Misconduct

What a Violent Crimes Attorney Can Do in Defense

The first component of a criminal defense that a violent crimes attorney will employ is a thorough investigation of all evidence being used by the prosecution. A Nevada violent crimes attorney knows that every article must meet certain standards, and often there is minimal documentation to support the charge. Witness and officer testimony is usually central other than photographs of injuries or medical reports from attending professionals. This is very important in serious cases such as murder or rape, but domestic violence charges can also be pursued as violent crimes as well, even when evidence is borderline or inadmissible. Charges can be negotiated down when a lawyer can find holes in the prosecution’s evidence, even in a relatively strong prosecution.

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The attorney that is chosen to defend a violent crime charge in Nevada can make a major difference, and that difference-maker lawyer in NV is at Hendron Law Group Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney. Call or contact the Hendron Law Group as soon as possible and let them put their experience to work for you.